Dialogue. Transmission

11.06.2017 until 13.08.2017

The exhibition traces an innovative and so far never examined approach to the transfer of art and culture between Germany and China. Broadening the perspective of the West on the to date unimagined variety of Chinese contemporary art is the key objective of this exhibition. The comparision is concentrated on those artists who left China to face the new challenges of Western art, as art in China has changed from the middle 1980s due to the economic and cultural opening toward the West.

In view of the 45-year-anniversary of cultural exchange between Germany and China the idea was born to assemble artists who studied in Germany after the Chinese opening-up in 1985. 26 artists were chosen who work in manifold materials, techniques and styles: Chen Ruo Bing, Chen Liang, Deng Guoyuan, Li Di, Li Hua, Ling Jian, Liu Yonggang, Ren Rong, Miao Xiaochun, Tan Ping, Teng Fei, Wang Xiaohui, Wang Xiaosong, Wang Chenyun, Xu He, Xu Jiang, Zhou Chunya, Yang Chongguang, Yu Xingze, Yang Qi, Jiny Lan, Ma Lu, Ma Shuqing, Zhu Qingsheng, Shan Zeng, Yi Meng. After their return from Germany they are not only working as artists in China but are also teaching at universities and academies.

The beginning of this bilateral relationship was strongly affected by the Western influence, mainly of German art. So with this exhibition, we will focus on the question of how much the experience of Western art and the study at German universities are visible in the work of the artists and how they combine with the tradition of Chinese art.
The exhibition was first shown in the Liu Haisu Museum, Shanghai.




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