The Reality and the Divine

04.06.2016 until 07.08.2016

The motto of the exhibition is a quote from the French artist, Georges Rousse (born 1947): “I mix painting and photography like the reality and the divine.”  In 1993 Rousse created the piece, ‘Trutzenburg Koblenz’ as an intervention into the former refectory of the Teutonic Order. This piece was created with the projection and transference of coloured squares on to an existing architectural area, including arches from the Gothic era. The subsequent photographic documentation of this scene concluded the piece. In a way it symbolizes the complex relationship between the seemingly objective representation of a real space and the subjective idea of the space experienced by the viewer; the ‘Trutzenburg’ is therefore elevated to a sacred level.

And thus this artwork symbolises the last eight exciting and eventful centuries at the German Corner: from the establishment of the Teutonic Order in 1216 under Archbishop Theodoric II of Wied, with the St. Nicholas Hospital of the Teutonic Order, until its expulsion and expropriation by French revolutionary troops in 1794. This was followed by the military use of the buildings, then their conversion to Prussian state archives, and subsequently the destruction caused by the Second World War pre-empted the founding of the Ludwig Museum in 1992 on the initiative of Peter Ludwig, a native of Koblenz (1925-1996).

The exhibition features historical documents: parchment documents sealed with the papal bull from the years 1216 and 1218; evacuation finds; features such as the Gothic frescoes and sculptures; and a historic insight into the house of the Teutonic Order. This provides a reference for the current use of said house as the Ludwig Museum, specialising in international contemporary art. Works by Andy Warhol, Jean Tinguely, Pierre Soulages, Ben Vautier, Claude Viallat, Daniel Buren and Georges Rousse are presented alongside numerous loaned pieces by artists including Gerhard Richter and Paul Nagel. In this exhibition the museum presents many firsts in this context and some never before seen works of art.



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