16.06.2016 until 30.08.2016

Julian Schnabel’s influence can be seen in the newer generation of painters who have incorporated the ephemera of the studio into their own materials and form the appearance of a good portion of the new art of today. On another floor in the museum there is a selection of paintings from unknown artists who Schnabel admires and has collected. An international exhibition of painters from the Ukraine, Wales, London, Spain, New York, Australia and China, never before seen together and running alongside the work of Schnabel’s is a nice surprise. It is accompanied by a catalogue of its own with a text by Schnabel. This is a view into Schnabel’s personal sensibility and it gives him great pleasure to collate this work – some of which he has lived with for over fifteen years, and brand new works.

These artists are: Denis Pavlovich Adushkin (Ukraine), Chuck Manion (Westchester, New York), Wayne Magrin (Australia), Alejandro Garmendia (Spain/ New York), Vahakn Arslanian (Belgium/ New York), Nick Mead (Somerset in UK/ Manses Ariège in France), Lola Montes (New York), Dave Perry, Thomas Chapman (San Diego California), Michael Chow (Shanghai, China).

 Julian Schnabel in his own words about the exhibition:

"The Magnificent 10

On waking up riding on the first waft of a breeze off of the Hudson River through by bedroom window the air ribbons of thought, images of paintings float in today, fastening themselves to me as molecules, as physical facts become a part of you, a part of who you are. [...] Good artists are good magicians. Their work puts a spell on you. In this exhibition I have selected ten artists. Let's call them the Magnificent 10, some who I have known for thirty years, some who I have never met. [...] We have the benefit of entering the present of these works, which I admire. Works that will bring you into their present today at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz.

Julian Schnabel, May 21, 2016"

Read the entire text in the recent exhibition catalogue "Unknown" (curated by Julian Schnabel), edited by Julian Schnabel (c) Julian Schnabel, avialable in the museum shop

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