Georges Rousse
Le Temps retrouvé

until 22. March 2020

The renowned Parisian installation and photo artist Georges Rousse (born 1947) is known for his visual transformations of disused rooms. He uses drawing, painting, collage and sculpture...


Franziskus Wendels

until 22. March 2020

Franziskus Wendels' paintings and installation arrangements deal with the effects of nocturnal city scenarios and their relationship to artificial illumination. In this way, the night and the...


Factor home - yesterday, today, tomorrow

until 19. April 2020

The associations with the theme of home are probably as contrary as they are emotional. For some time the term struggled in the younger generation with the dusty image of a nostalgic return to the "golden age" and was about as attractive as...


Fang Lijun & Ren Rong
Reports from Songzhuang Village

until 07. June 2020

Fang Lijun is one of the first generation of young, rebellious artists who made a name for themselves after the opening of China. Already at the beginning of 1990 he is represented with some works in exhibitions in Germany....


Otto Fried

until 28. June 2020

Otto Fried was born in 1922 in Koblenz as a young man from Horchheim. Due to the emerging anti-Semitism in Germany, his family sends him to the USA, where he arrives in 1936 in Portland, Oregon, USA. In 1943 he joins the US-Army Air Corps and is...


Ben Patterson
How to be Happy?

until 16. August 2020

Benjamin Patterson (1932-2017) is one of the co-founders of the Fluxus movement. The musician, who grew up in Pitsburg, USA, spent many years in Wiesbaden (from 1988) and most recently worked on a sound collage that was intended for the documenta...


Double Existence

until 18. October 2020

Sudarshan Shetty is currently one of the most interesting and internationally already well represented artists of India. Best known for his enigmatic, sculptural installations, Shetty has established himself as one of the most innovative Indian...


Torben Kuhlmann
The Empire of a flying Mouse

until 31. January 2021

Torben Kuhlmann was born in 1982 in Sulingen, Lower Saxony.  He studied illustration and communication design at the HAW Hamburg with focus on book illustration. In June 2012 he completed his studies with the children's book "Lindbergh - The...


China facing Europe

until 10. January 2021

A group of important artists, who are actively leading the academic education in both Beijing and Shanghai, already exhibited in May 2019 at the Times Art Museum in Beijing, and the second stop will be Shanghai in December 2019.



Ludwig Museum Koblenz


César, Le pouce, 1965. Bronze, 240 x 140 x 105 cm. Inv. Nr. LM 1993/77. Copyright: Bogdan Harstall


The Ludwig Museum of Koblenz is one of five museums in Germany, which was founded by the famous collector couple Peter and Irene Ludwig. The museum is supported by generous donations, permanent loans and project funds. Since its opening in december 1992, the museum defines itself by an active dialogue in modern art with France. In addition, the museum organises international exhibition projects in Koblenz.

Based on the ideas of the founding committee, which was initiated by Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Peter Ludwig and the then mayor of Koblenz, the art collection and the exhibition policies of the museum develop an important exchange with France. The almost 300-year old connection of Koblenz with France forms a historical background: for example the time of the protectorate and the time of the French occupation.

With its location at the "Deutsche Eck" (German Corner) and at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Mosel, facing the "Kaiserdenkmal", which in 1992 was returned into its original form, the "Deutschherrenhaus", - previous a house of the Teutonic Order - forms a vital counterpart to the historical orientation of the town.

The unique concept of the Ludwig Museum provides access to contemporary art. It benefits from the support of the “Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation” in Aachen. The Foundation itself delivers the research, the scientific structure of the collection as well as substantial financial support of the museums, which were founded by Peter and Irene Ludwig during their lifetime. Thus, the Ludwig Foundation works with numerous national and international museums and enables a potential network with colleagues all over the world.

This vivid connection to our Museum is as important as the support we receive through the Ludwig Foundation. The exhibitions of the museum represent many multivoiced dialogues with the own collection and show important individual positions of contemporary art. The exhibitions generate contexts to important developments within art: both in France and international. Our museum acts from time to time as a kind of mediator for French institutions and research facilities. Furthermore, the museum presents monographic exhibitions of actual French and international artistic positions, such as Arman, Ben Vautier (2002), Bernar Venet (2002), Bert Stern, Miao Xiaochun, Fabrizio Plessi (2014), George & Ilya Pusenkoff (2013), Claude Viallat (2014), Sean Scully (2014), Mel Ramos, or John Cage (2015) and many others.

In 2016 the museum commemorated several anniversaries at the same time: 825 years foundation jubilee of the Teutonic Order, 800 years of the main building, which now houses our Ludwig Museum and finally the 20th anniversary of the death of Peter Ludwig who died in Aachen in 1996 at the age of 71.


Danziger Freiheit 1
(am Deutschen Eck)
D - 56068 Koblenz

+49 261 30 40 416
Fax +49 261 30 40 413

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