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Xenia Hausner – "Lucky chance"
November 20, 2005 - January 22, 2006


Xenia Hausner (born in Austria and living in Berlin ) is an international ( Vienna , St. Petersburg , Los Angeles ) acknowledged, rejoiced at but at the same time a very controversial artist. The rapture and the conflicts opposed by it cause a tension that offers an interesting challenge: The opportunity to put painting itself and its importance in the contemporary artistic scene into question.

Xenia Hausner

Xenia Hausner
Rosemaries Baby, 2002
Acryl auf Hartfaser, 200 x 230 cm



The daughter of famous painter Rudolph Hausner, who in the 60ies and 70ies had big influence on the Viennese artistic movement around Ernst Fuchs, dedicates herself to inscening human beings -nearly all of them are female- under differing visual angles on large-formated paintings.

Xenia Hausner


Xenia Hausner
Amour fou (Ausschnitt), 2002
200 x 350 cm


She is well-known due to works which involve emotionally and which almost seem to have a temptingly presence. This presence is not only caused by Hausner's subtle use of colour and scenic Interieurs, but also by the fact that she indulges in the psychic state her "actresses" are in. Therefore she creates densely narrative paintings of high tension, in which beauty and brutality of daily situations compete with each other. To that reason her picture`s actuality is revealed quite clearly.





Xenia Hausner
Bad Girls", 2005, Mixed Media auf Dibond, 67 x 149 cm