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Daniel Spoerri - Eaten by ...
30.08.2009 - 01. November 2009

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Eaten by ...
Daniel Spoerri was one of the artists who signed the Nouveau Réalisme manifesto in Paris 1960; he also opened “Restaurant Spoerri” in Düsseldorf in 1968, introducing his concept of “Eat Art”, which dealt with an issue from everyday life – food, its creation and its decay. Even today, he is still known for the Eat Art concepts he created from 1959 to 1965 in a rented room in Hotel Carcassonne in Paris and which he developed in connection with his famous “trap pictures” and “tableaux-pièges”. This publication presents the artist’s lica of the Paris room Paris and a great number of original trap pictures from 1978 to 1992, current assemblages of the artist’s “one-day boxes” and life-size bronzes and sculptures.


Many exhibitions worldwide, especially in Italy, will be shown next year in honour of Daniel Spoerri’s 80th birthday. Prior to his birthday the Ludwig Museum, which owns two of his works from the Edition MAT (Multiplication d’Art Transformable), will show the replica of the small room in the Parisian Hôtel Carcassone as the core of the exhibition. It was in this hotel room that Daniel Spoerri lived for a few years after 1959, and it was there that he began with his so-called “snare pictures” for which he is famous today. The first “snare pictures” were exhibited during the “Festival d’art avant-garde” in the Palais des Expositions Porte de Versailles in Paris.

Daniel Spoerri, cosignatory of the Nouveau Réalisme Manifest of 1960, also moved to Düsseldorf, yet shortly after Heinz Mack, who had founded ZERO in 1957. It was here that Spoerri opened the “Restaurant Spoerri” in 1968 and elaborated his concept of “Eat Art”.

Apart from the replica of the hotel room in which the first “snare pictures” were created, the exhibition in Koblenz will show, a series of original snare pictures dating back to the time between 1978 and 1992. Furthermore, the exhibition is complemented by current assemblages and bronzes respectively sculptures. The works are mainly taken from two important collections in Bern and Hamburg.

Short biography of Daniel Spoerri:
Daniel Spoerri was born in 1930 in Galati, Romania. In 1942 he fled with his mother and his brothers and sisters to Zurich, where he attended a theatre and dance school in 1949. In the 50s he then became a professional dancer, his career started in Bern. After signing the Nouveau Réalisme Manifest in 1960 in Paris, he concentrated on fine arts. He came to be a well-known artist with his so-called “snare pictures” in the 60s. Later he gained a reputation as a restaurant chef and founder of Eat Art: he is famous for his gallery in Düsseldorf and the organisation of numerous banquets. In the 90s he created a garden of sculptures in Seggiano, south of Siena for his international project “Il Giardino” (The Garden). In 1997 he established an Italian foundation. For a few months he has been living in Austria now, where he has recently opened two new houses: Spoerries new project is called “Eat Art & Ab Art”! A former, redecorated convent houses many of the new creations by Daniel Spoerri. In the future exhibitions shall take place here with changing themes and works of artists he is friends with. On the other side of the square, opposite this building he has established a restaurant, where a big hall on the first floor provides plenty of space for events: readings, concerts and maybe even Spoerri’s legendary Eat Art banquets…

Further information can be found on this website: www.danielspoerri.org

For the exhibition “Daniel Spoerri - Eaten by ..” a catalogue will be published by Herber, Bielefeld, in German and English, with a preface by Beate Reifenscheid and articles by Christiane Morsbach, Enrico Pedrini, Barbara Räderscheid, Dieter Ronte and Wieland Schmied as well as a text by Daniel Spoerri. 144 pages, numerous coloured illustrations. The catalogue can be acquired at the museum for approx. 25 €.

Program supporting both exhibitions:
Highlights of this event will be among others: an exclusive dinner with musical entertainment, a speech on gastrosophy by Professor Dr. Harald Lemke, a discussion with Linde Rohr-Bongard, Manager Magazine, and special guests, such as representatives of the ZERO-foundation and the Daniel Spoerri’s colleagues in “Jump in Art - Out of the Office, into the Pleasure of Art!”

Exclusively for members of the Ludwig Museum and the Mittelrhein Museum, the Ludwig Museum offers a trip to Heinz Mack’s atelier in Mönchengladbach. The number of participants is limited to 20.

Furthermore, the museum offers a pedagogic program tailored to the needs of children and teenagers, under supervision of Ute Hoffman-Gill. Kindergarden teachers and school teachers are offered an exclusive guided tour - approved by the IFB as advanced training - on the very first day of the exhibition: Monday, 31 August 2009, 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. The particularities and the program for the children will be presented here. Registration: 0049-261-3040416 or info@ludwigmuseum.org.


One of the highlights will be the program for children, teenagers and adults for the Long Night of Museums on 5 September 2009, 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. with saxophone-walk-act, Eat-Art-happening, sound performance, a reading from Daniel Spoerri’s gastronomic diary, “Malfallen-Party”, …


Program Long Night of Museums, Koblenz 5 September 2009

7 p.m.
Opening with Thilo Willach’s saxophone-jazz-music
Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, manager of the Ludwig Museum (ground floor - GF)

Get-together at the museum’s bar: with cava, wine and soft drinks as well as light & shadow - finger food. The museum’s bar will be open all night! (first floor - FF)

Welcome kids: Oops - light and shadow trapped!
The artists Daniel Spoerri and Heinz Mack (until 9 p.m.) (GF/FF)

7.30 p.m.
Light and shadow meet … stories for kids (and those who are still kids at heart)
Read by Margarete Ries, Foundation Reading (GF)

Short guided tour of the exhibition “Daniel Spoerri - Eaten by …”
Rolf Ohly explains all about “Eat Art” and the Parisian “Chambre No. 13” …. (FF)

7.30 p.m. until midnight
“Malfallen”-Party organised by the club JuKuWe, with DJ
The club JuKuWe of Koblenz invites anyone aged fifteen or over to this party (third floor)

8 p.m.
Happening with Eat-Art-artist Andreas Petzold, Wiesbaden (FF)

8.30 p.m.
Short guided tour of the exhibition “Heinz Mack - Light of the ZERO-Time”…
Rolf Ohly takes you on a journey to light… (GF)

9 p.m.
“He who walks in the desert…” - sound and reading performance with Birgit Reibel, Mainz, about the work of Heinz Mack (GF)

9.30 p.m.
Saxophone-Walk-Act with Thilo Willach
Thilo Willach accompanies Rolf Ohly on a short guided tour of both exhibitions - an experiment…! (GF/FF)

10 p.m.
Happening with Eat-Art-artist Andreas Petzold, Wiesbaden (FF)

10.30 p.m. until 0.30 a.m.
Music by the band Blenz (FF)

11 p.m.
Daniel Spoerri’s gastronomic diary
Gourmet food versus diet - performance act with Birgit Reibel, Mainz (GF)

11.30 p.m.
Short guided tour of the exhibition “Daniel Spoerri - Eaten by …”
Rolf Ohly explains all about “Eat Art” and the Parisian “Chambre No. 13” …. (FF)

12 a.m.
ZERO: this really flashes! (GF)