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30 March – 01 June 2014


Karel Malich, Lidskokosmicke,
© Zdenek Sklenar Gallery, Ondrej Polak

Karel Malich is considered as one of the Czech Republic's most important artists. For a long time he had to work without recognition from the public, and this led him to work with all the more rigour and devotion. The result was an extensive oeuvre of abstract works: with their international formal idiom, they have been fully elucidated and noted only in recent years. Malich was born in 1924 in the small, eastern Bohemian town of Holice. In 1945, after the war, he studied drawing, education and aesthetics at the Charles University in Prague; in 1950 he transferred to the academy of fine arts. In his work he initially followed the lead of his childhood experiences and painted from nature. Only in the early 1960s did he begin to create abstract art. In this context he worked primarily with wire.

"Karel Malich revolutionised the concept of the statue. He robbed it of its mass and modeled it in nothing but wire or transparent plastic rods. In this way he created something unprecedented in the history of art”, emphasises Tomáš Vlcek, director of the National Gallery of Prague's collections of modern and contemporary art. Landscape and cosmos play a special role in Malich's work and will be shown in every form in the exhibition: drawings, pastels, paintings, sculptures.

The exhibition is being developed in collaboration with and has received the support of the Zden?k Sklená? Gallery, Prague.

Karel Malich, Human Cosmic Copulation, 1984-1988
© Karel Malich, Galerie Zdenek Sklenar