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Squares and Patterns - Delson Uchôa and José Bechara
22nd November to 24th January 2016

© José Bechara, Nos intervalos entre as
coisas importantes, nos minutos à toa, 2013

Delson Uchôa (born 1956) and José Bechara (born 1957), both Brazilian artists, despite all differences between them, are connected by their sense for form and rhythm.

Uchôa, who became famous for his bright almost gaudy colours, processes these with the help of material and plastic, which are sewn, shaped and embroidered so that pattern and ornament merge. By 2009 he had already represented Brazil at the Biennale in Venice and has been featured in many other collections. However he has had no solo exhibitions in Germany.

José Bechara engages with his paintings with strict structure, whose work references the great American Minimalist artists. His work is reminiscent of corten steel with it's coloured surface which creates a picturesque effect with nuances of light that constantly change its appearance. His sculptures, installations and recent glass works create a haunting theme of subtle emptiness and space.

José Bechara, Full, 2010, Photo Everton Ballardin
José Bechara, Black Gelosia, 2010,
Photo Julio Callado
Delson Uchôa, Ohne Titel, 2013, Installation, Durchmesser 120 cm
Delson Uchôa, Pindorama, 2012, 225 x 556,
Photo Sergio Guerini
Delson Uchôa, Photo einer Installation aus der
Serie Bicho da Seda, 2013