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Susan Swartz - Personal Path
20th May to 02nd August

Press interview and exhibition preview: Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 5 pm
Vernissage: Wednesday, May 20, 7 pm
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© Susan Swartz, Evolving Visions, 2015,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.

The spirituality of nature and painting as a contemplative process constitute the fascinating themes which make the exhibition Personal Path, featuring the American artist Susan Swartz, so extraordinary. Appreciating the meditative radiance of her works requires a different mode of seeing since it is obvious that her paintings do not address abstract or even informal themes. Instead the concepts of beauty and aesthetics are subject to interrogation from a different perspective. Rather than seeking to reify philosophical issues, her works focus on spirituality and aesthetics, and on the aspirations of an artist who has placed nature at the very heart of her artistic output - perhaps in the endeavor to induce us to ponder our primordial origins and our very existence: How did it all begin? Where do we come from? How do we deal with our sublimated sensibilities? And is this not the essential prerequisite for understanding the world around us, breaking through the isolation and conquering our anxieties?

Particularly in the museum one finds oneself as a seeker or a viewer in ever-changing emotional states. For it is here that such questions can best be contemplated and discussed. Now for the first time in Germany, the Ludwig Museum is dedicating a retrospective to the painter. Curated by Dieter Ronte, the show is unveiling some 80 works.

Applying layer upon layer of paint onto the large-format canvases in abstract gestures, Swartz captures the beauty of nature in her paintings.

As the curator of the exhibition Dieter Ronte observes, her paintings: "bear witness to the artist's personal introversion, as a means of self-discovery and self-empowerment through the painterly act of release […] Abounding in romanticisms and infused with yearning and love, her paintings are engaged in a permanent quest for the familiarly enigmatic, the psyche of man in nature and for the universal poetry, which at once melds science, religion and the visual arts".

Susan Swartz sees herself both as an artist and an activist. She actively participates in environmental campaigns against water and air pollution. Swartz also promotes the production of documentary films by Impact Partners, the film organization of which she is a co-founding member, which is dedicated to highlighting social and environmental injustice. One of her films won an Oscar for the best documentary film.


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© Susan Swartz, Azure Rhythm 2, 152x152cm, 2011,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.
© Susan Swartz, Modern Renaissance 1,
152x152cm, 2014,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.
© Susan Swartz, Contemplation 2, 51x51cm, 2013,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.
© Susan Swartz, Prayers Over Rice Fields,
51x51cm, 2014,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.
© Susan Swartz, A Personal Path 2, 122x183cm, 2014,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.
© Susan Swartz, Modern Renaissance Ignited,
76x76cm, 2015,
Courtesy of Susan Swartz Studios.